Wilhelm Wattenbach

Wilhelm Wattenbach (22 September 1819 – 20 September 1897), was a German historian.He was born at Rantzau in Holstein. He studied philology at the universities of Bonn, Göttingen and Berlin, and in 1843 he began to work upon the Monumenta Germaniae Historica. In 1855 he was appointed archivist at Breslau; in 1862 he became professor of history at Heidelberg, and ten years later professor at Berlin, where he was a member of the directing body of the Monumenta and a member of the Academy. He died at Frankfurt. Wattenbach was distinguished by his thorough knowledge of the chronicles and other original documents of the Middle Ages, and his most valuable work was done in this field.

Personal facts

Wilhelm Wattenbach
Birth dateSeptember 22, 1819
Birth place
Holstein , Rantzau Plön , Duchy of Holstein
Date of deathSeptember 20, 1897
Place of death
Frankfurt , Hesse-Nassau


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