Umaji Naik Khomane

Umāji Nāik Khomāne (Marathi: उमाजी नाईक खोमणे) (September 7, 1791 – February 3, 1832) was an Indian freedom fighter, a revolutionary. He was The First Freedom Fighter against British Rule in India.Soon after the fall of Maratha Empire Umaji raised a tiny army against the British. His anti-British manifesto asked the country-men to fight against the foreign rulers. To capture him, the British Government announced a bounty of Rupees 10,000.It has been said that his sister was responsible for arrest of this great freedom fighter. She invited him on Dinner on holy occasion as per planned and British force came to arrest him. Though he fought against them, the forces sent were able to arrest him. After his capture, he was hanged in Pune.

Personal facts

Alias (AKA)Veer Umaji Naik
Birth dateSeptember 07, 1791
Birth place
India , Maharashtra , Pune district , Purandar taluka
Date of deathFebruary 03, 1832
Known for
Indian independence movement