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Thomas Sumter (August 14, 1734 – June 1, 1832) was a soldier in the Colony of Virginia militia; a brigadier general in the South Carolina militia during the American War of Independence, and a planter and a politician. After the United States gained independence, he was elected to the United States House of Representatives and to the United States Senate, where he served from 1801 to 1810, when he retired. Sumter was nicknamed the "Carolina Gamecock," for both his fierce fighting style and his attack on British soldiers after they burned down his house during the Revolution.Thomas Sumter was born in Hanover County, Province of Virginia. His father, William Sumter, was an immigrant from Wales who operated a mill in the county. Given a rudimentary education on the frontier, the young Sumter enlisted in the Virginia militia.

Personal facts

Thomas Sumter
Alias (AKA)The Carolina Gamecock
Birth dateAugust 14, 1734
Birth place
Hanover County Virginia
Date of deathJune 01, 1832
Place of death
South Carolina , Stateburg South Carolina


Office holder

military operations
American Revolutionary War
military commandSecond Regiment of the South Carolina Line
military rank
Brigadier general (United States)
Member of the
U.S. House of Representatives
United States Senator
from South Carolina
from South Carolina's 4th district
service end1781
service start1755

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