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Landscape archaeology
Stewart Ainsworth (born 26 June 1951) is a British archaeological investigator, who is regularly seen on Time Team, the Channel 4 archaeological television series. He trained as a surveyor before entering the archaeology section of the Ordnance Survey. He has worked on a number of archaeological sites in Britain and abroad. He joined the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England (now part of English Heritage) in 1985, and is now head of their Landscape Investigation Team based in York, England. He is affectionately known as Time Team's "lumps and bumps" man, working with the team alongside his day job, travelling the country surveying, recording and investigating archaeological sites. As of 2010 Ainsworth has been part of the History and Archaeology department at the University of Chester. Ainsworth is married with two children. http://www. timeteam.k1z. com/index. php?ind=articoli&op=entry_view&iden=1

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