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Siegfried Graetschus (9 June 1916 — 14 October 1943) was a German SS-Oberscharführer (Staff Sergeant) at Sobibor extermination camp. In the process, Graetschus aided with the genocide of Jews and other peoples at Sobibor during Operation Reinhard of The Holocaust.Gratschus joined the SS in 1935 and the Nazi Party in 1936. He served at Bernburg Euthanasia Centre and Treblinka extermination camp before being posted to Sobibor in August 1943. He succeeded Erich Lachmann as commander of the approximately 200 Ukrainian guards at Sobibor.Siegfried Graetschus was killed in the shoemaker's barracks with an axe to his head by Arkady Mojzeszewicz Wajspapir, a Jewish Russian Red Army soldier who had been imprisoned at Sobibor as a prisoner of war, during the Sobibor revolt on 01943-10-14-0000October 14, 1943.

Personal facts

Siegfried Graetschus
Birth dateJune 09, 1916
Birth place
German Empire , Sovetsk Kaliningrad Oblast
Date of deathOctober 14, 1943
Place of death
Poland , Sobibór extermination camp


Military person

military branch
military unit
Sobibór extermination camp
service start1935
service end1943

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