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Rushton Moreve (born John Rushton Morey; November 6, 1948 – July 1, 1981) was an American bass guitarist best known for his work with the rock band Steppenwolf from 1967–68 and again in 1978. According to singer John Kay, Moreve was an intuitive bassist with a melodic style that brought a non-commercial sound to Steppenwolf, a technique exemplified on the hit he co-wrote with Kay, "Magic Carpet Ride".Moreve's early influence was essential in creating the unique musical style for which Steppenwolf became famous. Moreve joined the band in 1967 and performed on their debut album, Steppenwolf, which was composed of covers and songs written by Kay. Moreve's influence was heavier on the follow-up, The Second, his final album with Steppenwolf. Morey was killed in 1981 in an auto accident.

Personal facts

Birth dateNovember 06, 1948
Birth place
Los Angeles , United States
Date of deathJuly 01, 1981
Place of death
Los Angeles , United States


Musical artist

Career started1967
Career ended1981
associated musical artist
Steppenwolf (band)
BackgroundNon vocal instrumentalist
Heavy metal music
Psychedelic rock
Acid rock
Hard rock
Bass guitar
Rickenbacker 4001
record label
Dunhill Records
MCA Records

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