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Paul Taylor (born 1960, San Francisco, California), formerly credited as Paul Horowitz, is an American musician, who is best known as the guitarist/keyboardist with the 1980s and early 90s glam metal band, Winger (1987–1992, 2001–2003). Although he is perhaps most frequently associated with Winger, Taylor has also played with numerous other prominent musicians, including future Sammy Hagar and Boston guitarist Gary Pihl (in his early days), Eric Martin (solo artist and future Mr. Big frontman), Steve Perry of Journey, and Tommy Shaw. Prior to forming Winger, Taylor and Kip Winger were both playing with Alice Cooper's backing band on the tours for Cooper's mid-80s albums, Constrictor and Raise Your Fist and Yell. During this time, the two began composing songs together and, while on break from touring, recorded what would become the first Winger demos. Whereas Kip left Alice's band prior to the European leg of the 1987 tour, Paul remained on board for the European dates. However, in the midst of touring Europe, Paul received a call from Kip, who had been working with future Winger lead guitarist Reb Beach recording more demos in New York, informing him that he had gotten a record deal. After the European tour was finished, Paul flew straight back to New York, and the Winger project (initially known as "Sahara") began rehearsing and recording their debut album. Taylor remained in Winger throughout the band's most successful period, which included the two smash albums, Winger and In the Heart of the Young. However, after the tour supporting the latter album ended in 1991, Taylor left the band, citing exhaustion and a desire to write and get involved with other projects. Throughout the 1990s, Taylor immersed himself in numerous other projects, perhaps the most prolific of which was recording and touring with Steve Perry for his 1994 solo album. In 1998, he returned to the Alice Cooper band (this time, alongside fellow former Winger guitarist Reb Beach), and once that tour ended, he embarked on a brief tour with Tommy Shaw. Winger reunited in 2001 to record new material for a Greatest Hits album. Although it is unclear whether Taylor participated in these recording sessions, he did later join the band on the supporting tour. Though Paul was asked by Kip Winger to rejoin the band again to work on their 2006 reunion album, he declined because he was already involved with other projects. More recently, Taylor has become involved in composing music for television series programs and has also been pursuing his passion for photography.

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