Pascal Olivier Count de Negroni Military person

General Pascal-Olivier de Negroni (4 April 1829 – 22 October 1913) led the charge of Cuirassiers in the Battle of Reichshoffen during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870. Negroni has been credited with inventing the famous “Negroni Cocktail”

Personal facts

Pascal Olivier Count de Negroni
Birth dateApril 04, 1829
Birth place
Date of deathOctober 22, 1913
Place of death


Military person

Legion of Honour
military operations
Battle of Sedan (1870)
Franco-Prussian War
Battle of Wörth
military branch
French Army
military command2ème Brigade de Cuirassiers (1884)
service start1847
service end1891

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