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Naum Semyonovich Sorkin (Russian: Наум Семёнович Соркин; 11 February 1899 – 16 January 1980) was a Soviet military officer and diplomat.A Red Army veteran of the Russian Civil War, Sorkin was sent to Mongolia as an artillery instructor for the Mongolian People's Army in 1923, where he later served as a consular official in Altanbulag and first secretary at the Soviet embassy in Ulan Bator in 1926-1931. The chief of the Soviet General Staff's Special Operations Department in 1939-1941, he served as intelligence chief for the Far Eastern Front in 1941-1945 and the 1st Far Eastern Front following the Soviet declaration of war on the Japanese Empire in August 1945.Promoted to major-general in 1944, he graduated from the Voroshilov General Staff Academy in 1952 and was an instructor at the Mozhaysky Military Academy of Aeronautical Engineering until his retirement in 1958.

Personal facts

Birth dateFebruary 11, 1899
Birth place
Zaporizhia Oblast , Yekaterinoslav Governorate , Ukraine , Russian Empire
Date of deathJanuary 16, 1980
Place of death
Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic , Saint Petersburg


Military person

allegianceSoviet Union
Order of Lenin
Order of the Red Banner
Order of the Red Star
military operations
Russian Civil War
World War II
military branch
Red Army
Soviet Army
military command
*Intelligence Section Far Eastern Front (1941-1945)
*Special Tasks Department of General Staff (1939-1941)
*Intelligence Section 1st Far Eastern Front (1945)
*Intelligence Section Far Eastern Front (1945-1947)
service start1919
service end1958

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