Nanasaheb Peshwa Prime minister

Nanasaheb Peshwa (b.8 Dec. 1721, d. 23 Jun. 1761), also known as Balaji Baji Rao, was the son of Bajirao from his marriage with Kashibai and one of the Peshwas of the Maratha Empire. He contributed heavily to the development of the city of Pune, India. He was appointed as Peshwa by Chattrapati Shahu himself. At time of his death in 1749, the issueless Shahu made the Peshwas the rulers of the Maratha Empire.

Personal facts

Nanasaheb Peshwa
Birth dateDecember 08, 1720
Date of deathJune 23, 1761


Rajaram II of Satara
officeborder33x30px Peshwa of Maratha Empire

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