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Nawabzada Mohammed Ali Bogra was a well-known and notable Pakistani Foreign service officer of Bengali origin, serving as the third Prime Minister of Pakistan from 1953 until 1955, and prior to that, was also the Foreign Minister of Pakistan from 1954 to 1955. Grew up in East-Pakistan and educated at the Calcutta University of India, Bogra was one of the core and principle of current and modern state of Pakistan, responsible for leading the Muslim League in East Pakistan, in charge of party's foreign directorate. Bogra was the second Pakistan Ambassador to the United States, serving in two non-consecutive terms, and was also the second Bengali to have became the prime minister. His government too saw the civil unrest, problems with India, foreign challenges, economical distress, and Kashmir issue. His government also suffered with internal violence and threat of communism in East Pakistan and socialism in West Pakistan, that shrunk his credibility, leading the dismissal of his government.

Personal facts

Muhammad Ali Bogra
Birth dateOctober 19, 1909
Birth place
Bangladesh , Bogra , Bengal Presidency , British Raj
Date of deathJanuary 23, 1963
Place of death
Bangladesh , East Pakistan , Pakistan , Dhaka
University of Calcutta


Office holder

governor general
Elizabeth II
Minister of Defence
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Prime Minister of Pakistan
Muslim League (Pakistan)
Ayub Khan (President of Pakistan)

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