Matt Snell

Player of American football
Matt Snell (born August 18, 1941 in Garfield, Georgia) was the American Football League's New York Jets owner Sonny Werblin's first coup, prior to his 1965 acquisition of Joe Namath. A powerful fullback out of Ohio State University, Snell's 1964 signing jolted the crosstown Giants, who didn't draft Snell until the fourth round, and offered him a fraction of what the Jets gave him as their first-round choice. Snell currently lives in New Rochelle, New York with his wife Sharon, son Beau and daughter Jada. He is a partner in DEFCO Securities, Inc. and owns a restaurant in New York City.

Personal facts

Given name
Family name
Birth date
Birth place
Garfield, Georgia

Sport facts

Positions played
Running back

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