Mateo de Toro Zambrano, 1st Count of La Conquista

Field Marshal Mateo de Toro Zambrano y Ureta, 1st Count of La Conquista (Spanish: Mateo de Toro Zambrano y Ureta, primer Conde de la Conquista) (September 20, 1727 – February 26, 1811), frequently misnamed Mateo de Toro y Zambrano in many Chilean history publications, was Viscount of La Descubierta and later Count of La Conquista (1771). He was a Chilean creole and had a career as a soldier under the Spanish Empire after he amassed a fortune in commerce. In 1810, as the most senior military figure in the Captaincy General of Chile, as well as its Royal Governor, he called a meeting of leading citizens on September 18, 1810. This group would subsequently elect the governing junta similar to those appearing throughout the rebelling Spanish colonies, an action which is generally seen as the first step in Chilean independence process. He was voted the President of this First Government Junta, but his death a year later (he was already 83 years old) precluded him from taking a larger role in the independence of Chile. He died in Santiago de Chile on February 26, 1811.

Personal facts

Given name
Family name
Toro Zambrano
Birth date
Birth place
Chile Santiago
Field marshal
José María, Gregorio José, María Josefa ,José Joaquín ,Domingo José ,María Mercedes ,Mariana , María Ines,María de los Dolores , María del Rosario Josefa
Death date
Place of death
Chile Santiago
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