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Laurel Martyn Laurel Martyn was an Australian ballerina. She studied under Kathleen Hamilton in Toowoomba, Marjorie Hollinshed in Brisbane, and Phyllis Bedells in London. In 1934, Martyn won a choreographic scholarship from the Association of Operatic Dancing for Exile, her first composition. In 1935, she became the second Australian to win the Adeline Genee gold medal. Martyn joined the Vic-Wells Ballet in England in December 1935, the first Australian woman to be accepted into the company. By 1938, she was a soloist. That same year, she returned to Australia and became a dance teacher. She joined Edouard Borovansky's Borovansky Ballet in 1940 and remained with it until her marriage to Lloyd Lawton in 1945.

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