John M. Ford

John McWilliams Ford (February 18, 1880 – July 1, 1965) was the longest-serving elected public official in Shreveport, Louisiana. Though he served as mayor only from 1918–1922, it was his tenure as finance commissioner that is most remembered for longevity -- from 1930 until his death. The finance commissioner was established under the previous city commission government, which was replaced in 1978 by the mayor-council form of municipal government. Ford’s first elective office was as city alderman in 1908. He was also a member of the Caddo Parish Police Jury, the parish governing body now known as the Caddo Parish Commission. A Democrat, he served in the Louisiana House of Representatives in 1916, until he stepped down in 1918 to become mayor after the death of S.A. Dickson, MD Robert Hodges Ward had followed Dickson, and then Ford was elected to a single four-year term from 1918–1922. Ford then spent eight years in the private sector before returning to City Hall as finance commissioner, a position which he handily retained in the elections of 1930, 1934, 1938, 1942, 1946, 1950, 1954, 1958, and 1962. Dwight L. Saur, a Certified Public Accountant succeeded Ford as finance commissioner in 1966. Saur himself died in office in 1971, and the position then went to its last occupant and only Republican, George A. Burton, Jr. The new city charter superseded the finance commissioner’s post.

Personal facts

Given name
John McWilliams
Family name
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Louisiana Shreveport, Louisiana

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