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John Frederick Hinch (born 19 July 1947 at 98 Gaia Lane, Lichfield, Staffordshire) is a British drummer, the second drummer of heavy metal band Judas Priest. Hinch is a jazz-rock styled drummer with a very compact style. Hinch played in several Birmingham rock bands, including The Pinch, The Generation and The Bakerloo Blues Line, later Bakerloo. With vocalist Rob Halford he played in the band Hiroshima from 1972 to 1973. In May 1973 guitarist K.K. Downing and bassist Ian Hill, the founding members of Judas Priest, were looking for other musicians to complete the line-up for their band, vocalist Alan Atkins and various temporary drummers having left to pursue other musical projects. They approached Halford and Hinch after they saw them playing live with Hiroshima. Glen Tipton joined as second guitarist, the first and historical official line-up of Judas Priest was established and in 1974 they recorded their first album, Rocka Rolla. Hinch was also the driver and the road manager of the band. Hinch’s drumming managed tempo and style changes from swing to jazz and rock, using a hammering single bass drum, particularly impressive on the tracks "Never Satisfied", "Dying to Meet You" and "Winter-Deep-Retreat-Cheater", in which he delivers a short but articulate drum-solo. John Hinch always used traditional jazz-rock drum kits with a single bass drum and single tom-tom, contrary to his numerous successors who used big kits and equipments. Differences and conflicts, particularly with Glen Tipton, made Hinch leave: his place was taken by Alan "Skip" Moore (who previously played with the band during their “on the road” days). Hinch decided to pursue a career in musical management, working with Jameson Raid, Uli John Roth, Fashion, The Bureau and Zeno. In recent years he was contacted by several musical biographers and interviewers and spoke about Judas Priest, particularly in a 1995 interview included in The Best of Judas Priest – The Insight Series. Hinch can be seen in the video of the songs "Rocka Rolla" and "Dreamer Deceiver" (both from "The Old Grey Whistle Test" - BBC TV) in the collection Metal Works 1973-1993. He is amongst the members of the band who separately collaborated with author Neil Daniels for the release of the biography Judas Priest Defenders of the Faith. Married on 18 July 1987 to Jane Dayus (host of TV show Wedding SOS) in Lichfield Cathedral Church and divorced in April 2010. Hinch has one son Fraser John born 11 April 1993.

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