Joe Abeywickrama

Gammana Patabendige Don John "Joe" Abeywickrama (Sinhala:ජෝ අබේවික්‍රම) (22 June 1927 – 21 September 2011), known as Joe Abeywickrama, was an award-winning Sri Lankan actor. He began acting in 1955 and achieved fame as a comedic actor. Since 1965, Abeywickrama has also done dramatic roles.He has won 18 Sarasavi Awards and Pesidential Awards. At the 1999 Singapore International Film Festival, Abeywickrama won a Silver Screen Award for Best Asian Actor for his portrayal of a grieving father in Pura Handa Kaluwara (English: Death on a Full Moon Day), a first for a Sri Lankan. He is considered by many to be the finest character actor the country has produced

Personal facts

Birth dateJune 22, 1927
Birth place
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
Date of deathSeptember 21, 2011