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Jesse Money Jesse Money (born Jessica Mahoney, 1988) is an American singer and daughter of rock and roll artist Eddie Money. Jesse graduated from Westlake High School in Westlake Village, California in 2005 and has consistently remained musically-focused. As a toddler, Jesse would walk onstage to bring water to her father while he was performing, and now she tours with her father regularly as a backup vocalist in his band. She has been known to sing with her father on his greatest hits, notably bringing a fresh twist to "Take Me Home Tonight" as she sings the vocals recorded originally by Ronnie Spector on the single. Jesse also is known to sing a solo rendition of Janis Joplin's "Turtle Blues" while on tour with her father. She has also recently begun singing a new song that was written specifically for her. Together they sing Eddie's hit cover from his new Wanna Go Back album, "Higher and Higher", as a duet. Her talents include the ability to play tambourine, cow bell, maracas, piano, and guitar. "She is a great vocalist. She adds a lot of energy and youngness to the group," Eddie Money has told the brass behind the New Mexico State Fair when asked. Jesse has gone on record saying she enjoys touring with her dad and doesn't know a life outside of that realm. "I grew up shakin' (no pun intended) my hips on the side of stage watching him, we are best friends but sometimes I have to be the mother figure and take care of him," Jesse told the same interviewer. Three of the tracks on Wanna Go Back, "Mockingbird", "Hold On I'm Comin", and "Ain't No Mountain High Enough", feature Jesse Money's debut recordings. Eddie has remarked on several occasions during his live performances that Jesse is largely a fan of Janis Joplin and the iconic music of the past as opposed to today's charting pop hits. Jesse Money has begun appearing on MTV's new venture Rock the Cradle, a television show showcasing the offspring of music legends who compete for the votes and approval of the viewers and judges to ultimately gain a contract with a major record label. The show began on April 3, 2008, where Jesse sang Three Doors Down's "When I'm Gone" in the debut episode, to mixed reviews. Jesse was eliminated in the first round. Jesse is known to communicate with her fans personally and encourage support through her official MySpace domain myspace. com/jessiemoney. She continues to tour nationally with her father. Jessica Money appeared with her father on Fox's Don't Forget the Lyrics to raise money for charity on December 5, 2008. Jessica missed the chorus of Kelly Clarkson's "Because of You" and fell one word short of $100,000.

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