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Janie Bradford is an American songwriter, most known for her tenure with Motown. With Berry Gordy, she co-wrote "Money (That's What I Want)", originally recorded by Barrett Strong and used by The Beatles on their second album With The Beatles. [1] "Money" is also on The Rolling Stones' first U.K. EP (January 17, 1964). Other hits by Bradford include "Too Busy Thinking About My Baby" by Marvin Gaye (although originally by The Temptations), and also recorded by Phil Collins, & "Your Old Standby" for Mary Wells. She worked at Motown for more than 25 years.Currently, Bradford is the executive director of the Janie Bradford HAL Scholarship Fund and producer of the Heroes And Legends (HAL) Awards, an annual event that raises funds for performing arts scholarships while paying tribute to entertainment legends, including many of Motown's biggest stars. She has also established Twinn Records with songwriter and singer Marilyn McLeod.


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Career started1958
BackgroundSolo singer

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