James J. Braddock

American boxer
James J. Braddock James Walter "The Cinderella Man" Braddock (June 7, 1905 – November 29, 1974) was an American boxer of Irish descent who was the world heavyweight champion from 1935 to 1937. Fighting under the name James J. Braddock (ostensibly to follow the pattern set by two prior world boxing champions, James J. Corbett and James J. Jeffries), he was known for his powerful right hand, granite chin and an amazing comeback from a floundering career. He had lost several bouts due to chronic hand injuries and was forced to work on the docks and collect social assistance to feed his family during the depression. In 1935 he fought Max Baer for the Heavyweight championship and won. For this unlikely feat he was given the nickname "The Cinderella Man" by Damon Runyon. Braddock was managed by Joe Gould.

Personal facts

Given name
James J.
Family name
Birth place
New York City
Death date
Place of death
North Bergen, New Jersey
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