Ferdo Godina Writer

Ferdo Godina (17 October 1912 – 14 July 1994) was a Slovene writer and partisan. He was one of the early activists in the battle against the Hungarian occupation of Prekmurje during the Second World War. He wrote novels and short stories and was also a prolific writer for children and young adults.Godina was born in 1912 in Dolnja Bistrica in what was then the Slovene March of the Kingdom of Hungary and part of Austria-Hungary and is part of Prekmurje in Slovenia. He joined the partisans in 1941. He wrote mosty short stories, socially sensitive and often written in the first-person narrative. He also published numerous works for young readers. He died in Ljubljana in 1994. The Bistrica Cultural Society is named after Godina.He won the Levstik Award in 1974 for his series of stories for children Sezidala si bova hišico (We Shall Build a House).

Personal facts

Birth dateOctober 17, 1912
Birth place
Austria-Hungary , Slovenia , Dolnja Bistrica
Date of deathJuly 14, 1994
Place of death
Slovenia , Ljubljana


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