Édouard-Jean Empain

Édouard-Jean, 3rd Baron Empain (born 7 October 1937), is a French-Belgian industrialist, best known by the general public for his kidnapping in 1978.Between 1969 and 1981, Baron Empain was CEO of the Schneider group (Schneider-Empain). The Baron is the son of Jean, 2nd Baron Empain, and the grandson of Édouard Louis Joseph, 1st Baron Empain. He married the Italian Silvana Betuzzi in 1957 by whom he has two daughters and a son, they were divorced shortly after Empain's kidnapping. He lives in the suburbs of Paris with his second wife Jacqueline (née Ragonaux), a former model, whom he married in 1990.

Personal facts

Édouard-Jean Empain
Birth dateOctober 07, 1937
Birth nameÉdouard-Jean Empain