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Daniel Smith "Danny" Chauncey (born 19 June 1956) is an American rock guitarist. He is best known for being a member of the Southern rock band 38 Special since 1987. The band, which started as a Southern rock band and switched to a more straight-ahead rock sound, had several hit singles between 1981 and 1991.Chauncey, born in San Francisco and raised in Alameda County, California, where he attended Alameda High School. His first instrument was a Stella 6 string cowboy guitar. His first electric was red Gibson SG with a Fender 50w Super Reverb.Before replacing Don Barnes in 38 Special, Chauncey was a member of the band Billy Satellite with whom he co-wrote "I Wanna Go Back" which became a hit for Eddie Money.

Personal facts

Danny Chauncey
Birth dateJune 19, 1956
Birth place
California , San Francisco


Musical artist

Career started1981
associated musical artist
38 Special (band)
Billy Satellite
BackgroundSolo singer
Southern rock

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