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Dading Kalbuadi (Lieutenant General (Ret.) Dading Kalbuadi) (14 April 1931 - 10 October 1999) was an Indonesian Army Officer and the commander of Operation "Seroja" (Operation Lotus) during the Indonesian invasion of East Timor (1975-1976). He last served as an Inspector General of the Departement Of Defense of Indonesia. He collected over 25 medals and a number of honors from abroad, including from France, United States, Vietnam, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Personal facts

Dading Kalbuadi
Birth dateApril 14, 1931
Birth place
Central Java , Adipala
Date of deathOctober 10, 1999
Place of death
Indonesia , Jakarta
Resting place
Indonesia , Jakarta


Military person

military operations
Indonesian invasion of East Timor
military branch
Indonesian Army
military unit

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