Carl Mannich Scientist

Carl Ulrich Franz Mannich (* March 8, 1877 in Breslau, † March 5, 1947 in Karlsruhe) was a German Chemist. From 1927 to 1943 he was professor for pharmaceutical chemistry at the University of Berlin. His areas of expertise were keto bases, alcohol bases, derivatives of piperidine, papaverine, lactones and also Digitalis-glycosides.The Mannich reaction was named after his discovery of the mechanism in 1912.

Personal facts

Birth dateMarch 08, 1877
Birth place
Germany , Wrocław
Date of deathMarch 05, 1947
Place of death
Germany , Karlsruhe
Known for
Mannich reaction



Field of study
Organic chemistry
Medicinal chemistry

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