Balwantrai Mehta

Balwantrai Mehta (February 19, 1900 - September 19, 1965) was the second Chief Minister of Gujarat, India. He was a valiant freedom fighter, social worker and pioneer of concept of Panchayati Raj (local government). He was a soldier in the Bardoli Satyagraha. His greatest contribution were in the sphere of princely states' peoples' fight for self-rule. His name is conspicuously linked with democratic decentralization. The revolutionary programme of what is popularly known as Panchayati Raj, being implemented in the country, is based on the recommendations of Balwantrai Mehta Committee.

Personal facts

Given name
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Birth date
Birth place
Bhavnagar Gujarat India
Death date
Place of death
Suthari, Kachchh, Gujarat
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Politics facts

Political parties
Indian National Congress

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