Awdry Vaucour Military person

Major Audry Morris Valcour was a First World War flying ace credited with seven aerial victories. He was for part of his career teamed with Alan Bott as his observer/gunner. Bott would go on to become an ace in his own right.He was killed on 16 July 1918 in Italy in a "friendly fire" incident, when an Italian Hanriot pilot shot him down.

Personal facts

Birth dateMarch 08, 1890
Birth place
Topcliffe North Yorkshire
Date of deathJuly 16, 1918
Place of death
Monastier di Treviso


Military person

Medal of Military Valor
Military Cross
Distinguished Flying Cross (United Kingdom)
military unit
Royal Field Artillery
No. 45 Squadron RAF
No. 10 Squadron RAF
No. 70 Squadron RAF

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