Alain Giletti Figure skater

Alain Giletti is a French figure skater. He is the 1960 World champion, the 1955-1957 & 1960-1961 European champion and is a ten-time (1951–1957, 1959–1961) French national champion. At the age of 12, he represented France at the 1952 Winter Olympics, where he placed 7th. He placed 4th at the 1956 Winter Olympics, and 4th again at the 1960 Winter Olympics. He also competed as a pair skater. With partner Michèle Allard, he is the 1956 French national champion. At the time Giletti won his World title in 1960, he was on leave from compulsory military service in France and expected to be sent on a four-month tour of Algeria upon his return. He was normally stationed in Paris where his schedule allowed him to train in the mornings with his coach Jacqueline Vaudecrane. Prior to beginning his military service, he also trained in the United States with Pierre Brunet. Giletti expected to defend his World title in 1961, but those championships were cancelled after the crash of Sabena Flight 548 killed all members of the U.S. team. Giletti turned professional to tour with Holiday On Ice, Scala Eisrevue and later became a skating coach in Chamonix, France. Surya Bonaly is one of his students. He currently coaches figure skating in the Angoulême area, France.

Personal facts

Birth dateSeptember 11, 1939
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