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Adil Abdul-Mahdi al-Muntafiki (Arabic: عادل عبد المهدي المنتفكي‎, born 1942 in Baghdad, Iraq) is an Iraqi Shi'a politician, economist, and was one of the Vice Presidents of Iraq from 2005 to 2011. He was formerly the Finance Minister in the Interim government. Abdel-Mahdi is a member of the powerful Shi'a party the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council, or SIIC. Long based in neighboring Iran, the group opposed a United States administration while holding close ties with the other U.S.-backed groups that opposed Saddam Hussein, including the Kurds and the Iraqi National Congress.

Personal facts

Adil Abdul-Mahdi
Birth dateJanuary 01, 1942
Birth place
Baghdad , Iraq
Shia Islam


Office holder

Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq
prime minister
Ali Allawi
Khodair al-Khozaei

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